Yoga & Body Massage

There is no question that Yoga and meditation are bringing you to true self-control and happiness. These well-designed Yoga Packages are exactly what you need to control your feelings, emotions, resources and learn your inner self as well as knowing your personality, values, and desires. This starts with an introduction to the sacred realm in which there is harmony and balance, independence and sovereignty of the mind and your body.

What will you learn?
Strength & poise: yoga poses (asanas) muscle strength and tone while burning fat and cholesterol reduction. Always useful for preserving mobility and range of motion are yoga poses.

Energy: yogic breathing (pranayama) Align with your breath and advanced breathing practice. These practices rejuvenate the mind and body so that throughout the day you feel more energetic.

Deep rest: meditation and relaxation Explore Yoga Nidra, an active method of conscious relaxation for deep meditation which calms the body and mind.

Insight: Yoga wisdom: Discover some of the yoga’s insights into the essence of mind and body and how to live a happy, fulfilling life.




Service Name Time Price
2 Days Yoga Course 2 Hours $50
3 Days Yoga Course 2 Hours $60
7 Days Yoga 2 hours $130
2 Weeks Yoga 2 hours $230
30 days Yoga 2 Hours $500
60 Days Yoga Teachers Training 2 Hours $800
100 Days Yoga Teacher Training 2 Hours $1000
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